Why Should You Get Tinted Windows?

If you don’t have tinted windows, you might be wondering why you would want to consider window tinting. The reasons go far beyond aesthetics, and you’ll want to read on to learn more!

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Here are some reasons you should consider getting your windows tinted.

Window Privacy

Window privacy is very important, not only when driving around, but when your car is parked. You probably don’t want people to scope you or your kids out while you’re driving around, and that layer of privacy will be appreciated. Additionally, when your car is parked, you will also have a degree of privacy—potential thieves won’t be able to see in as easily and will be unable to scope out the goods.


Speaking of thieves, the security that tinted windows provide is worth the price of admission. Thieves usually do a smash-and-grab where they use a tire iron or something else to break your window. When you have a protective tinted film covering your window, the glass will still shatter but will be held in place with one large piece of film. Thieves are lazy and looking for a quick opportunity—they’ll be discombobulated and far less likely to take the time and effort to struggle with it, and will probably just skedaddle.

Stay Cooler

In the hot Texas weather, everything helps! Window tinting blocks thermal and UV rays from penetrating the glass so you’ll be far less likely to feel like you’re roasting. When your car is parked, it won’t become quite as hot on the inside. The upside is that you’ll burn less gas by cranking up the A/C. And because you’re protecting you and your loved ones from harmful UV rays, you’ll be protecting your precious skin, too!

Interior Protection

UV rays wreak havoc on your car’s interior. The sun’s rays can cause fading, cracking, and accelerated aging on your car’s dashboard, instrument panel, and upholstery. When you have tinted windows, you’re protecting these surfaces and also taking a step in keeping your car’s value where it should be.

Final Thoughts

When you’re going to take the plunge and get your tinted windows, you might be tempted to buy a DIY kit and do it yourself to save money. Don’t. For one, many DIYers apply the film cattywampus, which doesn’t look great and won’t offer the same level of coverage. Also, the air bubbles you’ll experience are going to be pretty annoying if they’re permanent. You might also run into trouble with the law—just because the tint is sold in an auto body shop doesn’t mean it’s the legal level set by your state. And finally, the quality of the film won’t be the same that a pro would use, despite the malarky some manufacturers claim.

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