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Are Your Headlights Cloudy, Hazy, or Yellow?

The Auto Spa is an auto detailing business that offers you a solution. We can, in most cases, restore your vehicle’s existing headlights to near-new condition, bringing them back to the bright, clear, safe state they once had and for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Call today for a quote!

Why Are My Headlights Dim, Yellow or Hazy?

In times past, automobile manufacturers used glass, which limited the manufacturer’s’ ability to produce a more aerodynamic vehicle. It was also much heavier than polycarbonate (plastic). Plastic lenses can be shaped to just about any design and are much lighter.

That’s why most modern vehicles have plastic headlights, as well as new problems. Plastic expands and contracts with temperature changes. While the lights are on, they generate heat, and sunny days also cause the temperature to rise. The material is porous so it traps various types of road material and chemicals used for cleaning and waxing. These factors, combined with the fact that over time exposure to the sun oxidizes the material, make it yellow or brownish in color, as well as dull, hazy, or foggy in appearance. This problem can start to show in as little as three or four years and is common in many automobiles.

This is not just an aesthetic problem—it detracts from the overall looks of the vehicle and affects the resale value. It is also a safety issue. Less light passes through the lens, and in extreme cases, most of the light does not get through.

Until now, many thought the only solution was replacing the old, unsafe headlights with costly new headlights, sometimes running into hundreds of dollars. That is no longer the case!

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