Is a Self-Healing Coating Worth it?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering a self-healing coating for your car or a clear coat bra. And you’re probably wondering if investing in a premium car coating is worth the money, or if you should take your chances letting things happen and repairing them as they occur. Having a ceramic clear coat for cars applied is a fantastic way to protect your vehicle’s paint, windows, and interior upholstery, and we’ll show you why.

At Auto Spa in Abilene, Texas, we bring you premium car care. Our services include specialty coatings, car detailing, window tinging, headlight restoration, and paintless dent repair. We are a woman-owned business, and our technicians are given state-of-the-art training in a myriad of methods, ensuring that when you bring your baby to us, you’ll be incredibly satisfied with the results. Give us a call to schedule your appointment!

Here are some of the reasons a car film coating can be beneficial for your car.

Our Specialty Coatings are Guaranteed for Five Years

When you have us install a paint protection film such as OptiCoat or FEYNLAB, it’s guaranteed to last for five years. Compare that to wax, which you have to apply every month for adequate protection. A detailed wax by a professional could cost as much as $150, and if you do it yourself for far less, you still have to take several hours out of your days off to do that! And if you’re looking at our ceramic upholstery protection, you will have protection for up to two years (we bet your storebought spray can’t say the same!).

Self-Healing Coating Prevents Damage

Yes, you read that right. Have a premium car coating applied to your vehicle, and it’ll actually prevent damage. Bird poop doesn’t take long to cause etching once it lands, and dings from road debris are instantaneous (and obvious!). But when you have a ceramic clear coat for cars applied, you’re giving your vehicle the armor to repel dings, scratches, and etching—just give it a few hours under the sun (or a few days at room temp) and it’ll heal itself.

Specialty Coatings are Super Thin

Now you’re probably wondering how such a product can exist and not be incredibly obvious. The cool thing about these car film coatings is that they are actually thinner than the wax you would apply to your car. You won’t see them at all!

Car Film Coating Will Keep Your Car Looking New

Who doesn’t love the way your car gleams when you drive it off the lot? The downside of that is that you’re probably scared to drive your new wheels anywhere, lest you run into bird poop, road debris, or a dust storm. Before you bubble wrap your car, consider a self-healing coating instead. In addition to its protection, it will also keep your car looking brand-new for years to come. This can help you retain high value and happy rather than horrified every time you take it for a spin.

For the best premium car coatings in Abilene and the Big Country, come to Auto Spa. Schedule your appointment with us today!


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