How to Prepare Your Car for Fall and Winter

With fall and winter just around the corner, you’re going to have to take some steps to prepare your cars for the change of season. To do that, there are some general maintenance tasks you should take care of, as well as a few cosmetic things.

At Auto Spa in Abilene, we provide a number of services to get your car ready for any time of year and any occasion. We provide paintless dent repair, comprehensive car detailing, car paint protection, and tinted windows. To get your car in its top shape, make an appointment with us today!

Ready to learn more about winterizing your car? Read on for some tips!

Take It To the Shop

Take your car to your mechanic for some maintenance. Have your mechanic check and service your fuel lines, fluids, belts, hoses, and tire pressure. Change the oil to one that’s rated for winter. The best time to take care of these tasks are before the weather changes!

Stock Up On Wiper Fluid

Unless you’re checking it often, you never know when you’re going to run out of wiper fluid. Keep an extra jug of it in your trunk so it’s ready at all times (and don’t forget to change the blades with the season, either!).

Get an Emergency Kit

Make sure you’re outfitted with essentials for your car. Jumper cables are a must, as well as a tire change kit. Keep a few blankets, as well as a large candle, too. Buy a basic first aid kit and add a few aspirin to it, just in case you’re on a longer road trip and you get a headache or aches and pains. Also keep a box of energy bars and water bottles.

Keep an Eye on Fuel Levels

Winter tends to burn fuel quicker for a few reasons. And if you’re stuck in a winter traffic jam while blasting the heater and defroster, you definitely don’t want to run out of gas. Never let your level drop below 1/4 full without filling up the tank.

Ice Scraper

Buy a long-handled ice scraper with a brush and keep it in your back seat. Never drive off without taking off every last bit of snow or ice! Driving with your vision obstructed can lead to a car crash, and it’s never worth it to skip over a few minutes’ work.

A Box of Activities

If you’re ever stranded on the side of the road, you probably want to be entertained while you wait to get moving again. While your phone is definitely distracting, you need to conserve your battery for use in an emergency. Crushing candy is fun until you realize you can’t make an emergency call, you know?


Again, your phone or GPS are great to a point. But if you’ve lost power to your car, you’re in a bad spot when you have to rely so much on electronics. Keep a map of your home state in your car at all times. And if you’re going on a longer road trip, invest in maps for every state you’re about to drive through.

Come to Us!

Before winter and after, come to us to get your car detailed! And if you haven’t already, have a clear bra installed on your hood to keep dings and damage to a minimum. To get a free estimate, contact us today!

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